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Etsy Shop Update!

Etsy Shop Update!

Yes, it's finally happened: an actual update to my Ward-O-Matic Etsy Shop with NEW prints! Amazing! Here are the three prints that are now available (top to bottom, L to R): Vinyl Kid, SX-70 Camera Boy, SX-70 Camera Girl.

Prints shown above are the 5" x 7" size. All three are available in 8.5" x 11" as well. Yay!

Here, let me hold them for all of you to see (again, these are the 5 x 7" size):

Etsy Update: Vinyl Kid print

Etsy Update: SX-70 Camera Kids

The link: The Ward-O-Matic Shop


Free Shipping ends tomorrow!

A gentle reminder that the Early Bird Special: FREE SHIPPING over at The Ward-O-Matic Shop ends at the end of the day TOMORROW! That's Sunday, December 6th.

If this'll make it easier for you to decide on whether or not you'd like to order a print, I doodle something different on each and every shipping invoice that's included with the shipment. Here's one example (actual doodle on an actual invoice, scanned for your pleasure):


The character varies, but always done with a smile.

It gets better, too. I also draw something special on the front (and back!) of each envelope I mail out. Done with marker on study cardboard mailer, I never sketch anything out first, just start drawin'! The character on the front is almost the same, called "The Dreamer", he (or she) conjures up the addressee's name and address for each envelope. (Sorry, didn't get a scan or photo for this post. Maybe next time.) On the back, something unique to every single buyer. Here are two examples:

Mailer drawings

I've had people tell me that they save the envelopes, which totally makes me happy.

Now, don't you want to buy a print today? Of course you do.

Merry Christmas!


And the winners are...

Ava chose #15: Diana
Ezra chose #252: Pasha

I don't have Diana's contact info, so Commenter #15 Diana, if you're out there, please get in touch with me. You won!

Pasha, I do have your email, so expect an email from me later on today.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners! And a BIG THANK YOU for everyone else coming out and participating in my first ever Etsy Giveaway! I think it's safe to say that I'll definitely be doing this again. It was a lot of fun for me. Hope it was the same for you.

If you liked what you saw in my Etsy shop, don't be afraid to stop by again.


New B-Boy Prints! And a Giveaway!

I'm happy to announce 7 new prints available in The Ward-O-Matic Shop on Etsy! And what's even better is the fact that all seven are from my b-boy series!

Yes! So here's the kicker: I want to celebrate this wonderous event by offering a giveaway to TWO lucky winners. To enter, leave a comment on this post by 11:59 midnight PST on Wednesday, April 1st. (This is serious - no joke!) I'll put all the numbers into my newsboy hat and have each of my kiddos pick out one number. The winners will be announced on Friday, April 3rd. Winners get a print of their choosing from my Etsy shop (with a few extra goodies).

Good luck!

B-Boy Series: Etsy
The Ward-O-Matic Shop

COMMENTS ARE NOW CLOSED. Thank you for participating in my very first Etsy Giveaway. I'm completely overwhelmed by the tremendous response! Don't forget to check back on Friday when I announce the two winners!


Another Shameless Etsy Plug

Christmas is upon us, so yes, that means another blogger plugging their Etsy shop, hawking various creative gifts. It's a terrible time to start up a shop, what with the economy in the cellar, but I'm hoping that there's someone out there who'll dig my stuff. Like, for instance, these two adorable girls:

The girls

And these cool guys:

Ready to go
See, right before I mail all the prints I like to line them up all pretty like and give 'em a nice long pep talk.

Looks good right there
Looks good right there, doesn't it? Of course it does. Imagine this without my hand, of course. And the plastic bag.


Besides The Ward-O-Matic Shop, there's also my wife's new Etsy shop, finally up & running: Hula 70. Lots of color and beautiful imagery. We print to order each and every image, so we're doing our best in getting each print out to everyone in time for Christmas. Last day for Christmas delivery is December 20th, just so you know. If you need a 2 day or next day shipping, contact us and we'll work with you on your order. We want you to be happy, just as you've made us happy in buying one of our prints.

We're eternally grateful for the nice start of our shops so far. Thank you thank you thank you.

Okay, that's it for the shameless plug. Proceed as usual.


Announcing The Ward-O-Matic Shop

The Ward-O-Matic Shop is now open! I finally got enough sense knocked into my head to start up a shop on Etsy selling prints & original artwork. It's a little barren right now, but I'll have more work up soon, including paintings and more prints. Maybe even sketchbooks.